Wednesday, September 17, 2008

YouTubes I have loved.

Since I spend a large amount of my time in front of a computer, its only natural that I have done my fair share of YouTube-watching. And granted, while a lot of that site's content is bottom-of-the-barrel garbage, there are a few videos that awesomely float to the surface. Some of which, fall below.

Queenie in Trouble
This short video from the first half of the 20th century tells the tale of Queenie, a young dame who gets in trouble when a brute locks her in a room and attempts to rape her. Don't worry though, her pals come and rescue her. Oh, btw, the whole thing is acted out by dogs. Instant classic.

The Gorie Cup

I discovered the amazingness that is Gorie while in Japan. In a nutshell, she is a male comedian who dresses up like a blonde cheerleader and does routines. However, more amazing than Gorie herself, is the Gorie Cup, which is a gigantic cheerleading competition for little girls in Japan. The shit these girls do insane, they put Bring it On to shame. Below is my favorite team, who won 2nd place (ROBBED!)

Krumping! Human hellicopters! Popping and locking! God, I love Japan.

Florrie Fisher

Inspiration for Jerri Blank from Strangers With Candy, Florrie Fisher was (is? is she alive?) a motivational speaker who spoke to students about the dangers of drugs by relating her own, often horrifying experiences in a PSA called The Trip Back.

She's so aggro!

More likely to get a curb job than a blow job

The best news slip-up ever:

This video is weird on so many levels. Why is advocating the curb-jobbing of J.Lo? Why was he thinking about blow jobs? Why does he act so creepy at the end? For every one video, there are thousands of questions.


Ok, so first off, addiction is horrible, making light of it is bad, yadda yadda yadda

That being said...I am obsessed with Allison, the computer keyboard duster-huffing basketcase from A&E's Intervention. This video is a "best of" if you will.

Yes, I realize this may make me a bad person. I swear if she was like, a crackhead I wouldn't think it was funny! But come on! Computer duster? Plus, she reminds me of a muppet.

Which, speaking of inappropriateness, brings me to my all time favorite video...


Most of you have probabably seen this already, but a YouTube compilation wouldn't be complete with out it. Jill is the mildly mentally handicapped protagonist of a 1970's sex-ed video entitled "Pink Slip," which aims to serve as an instructional tool for teaching the mentally disabled pre-teen. But, it's not even Jill that makes this video fascinating, but how aggressive her family is in teaching her the ins and outs of menstruation. Seriously, count how many times her family members say the phrase "blood comes from inside of my body through an opening between my legs."

This concludes this episode of YouTubes I Have Loved. I hope it was able to bring a little joy into your day.

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