Monday, September 8, 2008

Funnee Tymz with the WBC

Ok, first things first, the Westboro Baptist Church are horrible people, we know this. But, I never noticed how hilarious their press releases are until they wrote one that wasn't focused solely on my faggy damnation. While reading their most recent release about Sarah Palin (whom God also hates, apparently) I wa struck by the release's in-your-face sassiness:
"POMPOUS PHONY PALIN NEEDS TWO DAYS TO PREPARE HER WORDS THE PEOPLE OF GOD HAVE THE WORD OF THE LORD THAT IS TRUTH IN THEIR MOUTHS GOD IS ROOTING YOU OUT AND THROWING YOU DOWN BY THE WORDS OF HIS PROPHETS ... Yes, that’s correct. Your little darling of the conservative world, VP pick Sarah Palin, is a phony pompous pretend pseudo-“Christian” pervert! We said it! And you know it’s true."

They talk like Wendy Williams! "Yeah, thats right, I said it! Sarah Palin is a pervert! And gurrrrrrl you KNOW its true! How you doin?"

It also reminds me of that Amy Poehler hypoglycemic, one legged SNL character. Shirley Phelps-Roper is all, "Yeah, I hate fags. Jealous?" ::hop hop::

The whole batshit press release, full of snake-and-other-slithering-creatures-bow-down-sessions, abortion tea parties, and thank God for Gustav gems can be found at Good As You if you're interested. It's always good now and again to be reminded about how hilariously nuts these people actually are. It makes them way less threatening.

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