Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hiatus Apologatus

Guys! Sorry! I'm sure the whole 10 of you who read this blog are quite upset at my lack of recaps for about a month. Between a December rush at work and holiday business, I wasn't able to carve out time to watch, rewatch, and take copious notes on our Fanta-hued frieds.

Rather than do a 2 episode mega blog, I've decided to forgo recapping those episodes, and resume with tomorrow's episode. Basically, the main points of the past two episodes are as follows:

Episode one, Florida Fantasia: The ladies go to Florida, some bring their husbands, Vicki gets upset. Clowntits McGee's terrible husband acts like a jerk.

Episode two, Tamra falling, Vicki rising: Vicki whisks Don away on a romantic Turks and Caicos getaway, where they eat Conch dicks and renew their vows. Tamra's marriage crumbles into pieces and she cries. Clowntits and family attend a service at their bizarre Rock-n-Roll Christ-o-Rama of a church. Gretchen tries to have a heart to heart with Lynne's daughter Alexa, and it blows up in her face spectacularly. Lynne slurs.

So that's that, the past 2 episodes in a nutshell. Kinda makes the length of my typical blogs seem even more ridiculous, y/y?

Also, as of Sunday, I am going to start recapping Big Love I think, because I love the shit out of that program.

Seriously. LOVE. IT.

(Aside: I tried to do a recap of the new season of Bad Girls Club, but gave up when I reread it and it basically said "Natalie is mad at Flo. They fight. Portia is mad at Natalie. They fight. They all get drunk. They all fight. Kendra gets head in the confessional. She fights." Seriously, nothing happens on that show except for sex, booze, and fights!)

Anyway, see you Friday!

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