Monday, May 18, 2009

On the Lost season finale.

SO HOW ABOUT THAT LOST SEASON FINALE?! In those two marathon hours we ran the gamut of human emotion: joy, sadness, fear, terror, rage, sleep (I had an early morning! so sue me), frustration, and GOD DAMN IT ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER I HAVE TO WAIT 9 MONTHS TO RESOLVE. All stages to acceptance of Lost's abusive boyfriend-eque role in our lives.

However, I've come to the decision that I liked the finale, although right after it ended I had a different opinion. Initially I felt like it was more of the same, with familiar plot deviced like introducing new riddles to replace old ones that had been solved, Kate irrationally making a decision based on Jack's irrational decisions, someone dying, and maddening cliffhangers.

BUT! After giving it about a week to marinate, I am now of a different opinion. Although it did have some familiar Lostian conventions, I think it did a good job of setting the stage for the (hopefully) revealing last season. For instance, we were introduced to Jacob, in all his blonde scruffy glory (is it just me or was he kinda dreamy?), as well as the passive contributions he apparently has been making throughout all the protagonists lives in order to get them to where they are today. Which when you think about it is kind of a "holy shit" moment. We also were introduced to Jacob's (possible) nemesis, whom some blogs are dubbing "Esau." It looks like Jacob has apparently been battling this Esau dude for a long, long, at-least-dating-back-to-the-black-rock's-arrival long, time. Is this battle the reason for all the shit going on up in this bitch?

Which reminds me, speaking of holy shit moments! We learned that "John Locke" this season wasn't in fact John Locke at all, but Esau taking the form of the fersure dead, cold as ice, dead as a doornail, forever dead, dead dead deadski real John Locke. So looks like Esau can take the form of dead peeps on the island, which would explain the "ghosts" of people like Yemi, Claire, Jack's dad, and others showing up to people throughout the series. Maybs Jacob and Esau are battling for control of the island by using the protags as pawns? Jacob's passive manipulation of events and Esau's making Ben stab Jacob would suggest that neither can actively change the course of events, but rather passively influence things. Which, as mentioned on the Jezebel recap, is supported by the reveal that the statue on the island is of the Egyptian crocodilehead god (wouldn't it be awesome if there was a chickenhead god?) Sobek. According to the allmighty Wikipedia, ol' croccyface is credited as "having a more distant role, nudging things along, rather than taking an active part" compared to other gods. So is Jacob's job to give the old nudgy-nudge to the events of time? So many new things to consider! And also, did Jacob really die when Ben stabbed him?

This stuff, along with other big reveals like Ilana knowing more than she lets on, and also the whole JULIET BEING ALIVE LONG ENOUGH TO BLOW UP THE FUCKING ISLAND THING are all set to make the next season a very good one, although it is one we have to wait a whole 9 goddamn months for ABC to birth out of it's snood. So I know it was frustrating to not have more of a release, but I can wait. And honestly, it's Lost. What did y'all expect? The whole thing is a 6 season long case of blueballs.

P.S. who else is sick of Kate? She stopped being a compelling character AGES ago. Homegirl needs to go ahead and get dead quick.

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